Why V-Teamwork?

Why V-Teamwork?

We’re here to empower leaders and teams to reach their full potential. The development of technology that makes us better connected is exciting and inspiring. But as long as people lack the skills and dispositions for great collaboration, they will fall short of the results they are capable of. Our mission is to open the door to unprecedented levels of team achievement for all organisations.

Why us?

For decades our team have dedicated their work to people’s development – through ontologically-based coaching, management consulting and learning design. We’ve worked with everyone from tech giants and government agencies to elite sports teams and small businesses, and everywhere we see the same barriers in people’s ability to work together that limit their performance.

Determined to make great teamwork available to everyone, we’ve drawn on the research of leaders in brain science, management, coaching, and user experience design and our own extensive experience to create a solution that gives people significant and lasting results in the way they work together. And we’ve designed it so that as long as you have an internet connection, you can participate from anywhere in the world.

We get results

Program participants report they achieved lasting improvements in their ability to:

  • Coordinate commitments and hold teams accountable
  • Understand what other people care about and make valuable offers
  • Build and repair trust
  • Generate positive and productive moods in interactions with others
  • Collaborate with and learn from colleagues
  • Strengthen relationships across functional boundaries and disciplines
  • Lead and influence teams to meet and exceed their goals
  • Cope with change and adapt quickly to new conditions
  • Positively influence people and situations

If you’re still not sure, here is a little bit more about us...

Our customers can’t stop talking about us

After doing the program, executives, managers and team members are delighted at the way they can create a collaborative culture, hold people accountable and transform previously difficult relationships.

We’ve worked with some of the best in the business

Through our work with executives and managers at multinational tech companies and major government organisations, we know what’s involved in leading high-level, high-performing teams, and we’ve ensured that our program will deliver results for the most senior of managers.

Our expertise spans many disciplines

Our program is founded on world-leading research in behavioural science, games and gamification, biology of cognition, philosophy of language and somatics.

Our own team brings together more than a decade of experience in ontological and somatic coaching, action-learning methods, management consulting, organizational development, and user experience design.